• testeves
    Death Do Impart: New Way to Rout Out M.D.’s Who Overprescribe Opioids

    They’ve got mail! The “they” in this case are about 500 physicians across the state. The “mail” refers to letters they received from the Medical Board of California (MBC). Why…

    • gofish
    Top Opioid Prescribing Counties Across The U.S.

    The opioid epidemic in the United States has reached unprecedented levels after it was declared a national emergency in 2017. It’s estimated that over 11.4 million people misused prescription drugs…

    • william.furcolo
    The Cost of Intoxication

    The Cost of Intoxication: Americans have each lost over $190 in personal possessions after drinking too much alcohol, reveals survey.  It’s easy to forget the words ‘drink responsibly’ while enjoying…

    • gofish
    Where the Homelessness Population is Increasing in California

    For decades, California lawmakers have struggled to find the best response to the homelessness crisis that is prevalent throughout the state. But, now that it has reached epidemic levels, studies…

    • gofish
    The Cost of Marijuana Over Time

    At American Addiction Centers, we like to keep an eye on substances, like drugs and alcohol, and how they change over time. Any change, such as price, potency, and distribution,…

    • testeves
    They Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers – Not!

    What started out as a local story quickly escalated to the national scene, perhaps even international. From a southern California locale, the news spread like the wildfires that have created…

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