Laguna Welcomes New Alumni Services Manager

Laguna Treatment Hospital recently welcomed a new alumni services manager Laura Griffin. Oftentimes, a healthy community of alumni and other sober support groups can encourage long-term success in recovery. Griffin acknowledges this, and hopes to build an alumni community around California’s only addiction treatment hospital.

Shared Experiences

Laura Griffin has had firsthand experiences with substance abuse. She had her first drink as a teenager and began the fall into addiction. It wasn’t until several years later, after a tumultuous relationship and a brief relapse did Griffin commit to recovery.

Yet, as many people in recovery know, the struggles against addiction seldom end with sobriety. Griffin faced a string of personal tragedies throughout her early recovery. It was through perseverance and utilizing healthy coping mechanisms that Griffin managed to maintain her recovery. It was at this point that she began her career in the addiction treatment industry.

Griffin regularly speaks with members of the Orange County community about her and her family’s struggles with addiction. She also discusses how, despite harrowing circumstances, recovery is possible for those who seek it and commit to sobriety. In particular, Griffin has expertise in providing resources for single mothers with children that are battling addiction.

Finding a Strong Support Network at Laguna

While medical treatment can help you conquer your addiction, the treatment program won’t last forever. When an individual returns to their homes or communities in recovery, they’ll often have to put their newfound coping mechanisms to the test. This is easier said than done.

This is where a strong support network comes in. Many alcohol rehabs across the country offer some form of aftercare program. At Laguna, the staff will help connect you with local support networks. And, you’ll also be inducted in Laguna’s alumni network. This network and it’s HOPE team (Helping Other People Engage) will stand by you long after your stay at Laguna is done.

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