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    • Amanda Lautieri
    Fentanyl Cause of Higher Rates of San Diego Overdose Deaths

    Prescription drug abuse peaked in 2010. With pill mills dotting the country, illegal pharmacies more than willing to supply those who wanted them with prescription opioids like OxyContin and Vicodin,…

    • Amanda Lautieri
    Can CBD Oil Cure Addiction?

    Proponents of marijuana legalization say that CBD oil, or cannabidiol oil, cures everything. The fact is, however, that there is very little research to determine one way or the other…

    • Amanda Lautieri
    CA Drug Dealers Ship Methamphetamine Statues to HI

    Eight people were arrested this month when the US Attorney’s Office handed down indictments that would effectively dismantle a California drug ring shipping methamphetamine to Hawaii in the form of…

    • Amanda Lautieri
    Opioids = #1 Cause of Overdose Death in San Diego

    Opioids are causing a wipeout. San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan recently announced that opioids were the number one cause of overdose in San Diego for the first time,…

    • Amanda Lautieri
    Toxic People in Recovery? What to Do about It

    There are a number of ways that people can be toxic to your ability to grow and thrive in recovery. Whether they are actively impeding your ability to stay sober…