Addiction Treatment Services

Addiction Treatment Modalities

In addition to individualized treatment plans, Laguna Treatment Hospital uses research-based treatment modalities in our individual therapy, group therapy, and daily psychoeducational or didactic sessions. These modalities have shown to be helpful in addiction and recovery treatment and help individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders recognize that they have the ability to choose a life without addiction.

Treatment modalities in use at our facility include:

Motivational Interviewing (MI)

We practice MI as a major aspect of our programming because it allows our licensed clinicians to collaborate with clients to strengthen their motivation and commitment to change. Laguna Treatment Hospital seeks to “meet our clients where they are” and help them move from any ambivalent feelings about treatment and their addiction to a state of genuine desire for change.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Many individuals with substance abuse issues experience harmful thinking and negative thought patterns that drive their unhealthy behaviors. Laguna Treatment Hospital incorporates CBT into our programming because CBT allows the therapist to collaborate with clients and encourage them to question and examine their thought patterns so as to eliminate or phase out the unhealthy ones.

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Similar to CBT, therapists use REBT at Laguna Treatment Hospital because it helps the client learn to identify and challenge any destructive thoughts and convictions. Empirical studies have shown that by replacing these negative patterns with healthier, adaptive thoughts, REBT often results in a sense of emotional wellbeing and goal achievement.


Seeking Safety & Trauma-Focused Therapies

Addiction research has found that individuals experiencing trauma-related mental health issues or those who have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) have higher rates of substance abuse. As part of our integrated treatment, Laguna Treatment Hospital offers trauma-focused therapy and Seeking Safety to aid in the recovery of clients with addiction and co-occurring PTSD. Trauma therapies can be healing for our clients with a history of traumatic events such as domestic violence, sexual assault, wartime violence, or natural disasters.


Laguna Treatment Hospital Amenities

When clients are comfortable and well rested they can concentrate on working with their primary therapists, participating in group therapy, and developing their aftercare plans for life after treatment. In our treatment program, we want our clients to be comfortable in their rehabilitation environments, not punished for their substance abuse issues.

Inviting Residential Rooms

When you’re in residential or inpatient treatment for substance abuse, the rooms have to be bare and dismal right? Wrong. Laguna Treatment Hospital has designed the client rooms to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere for clients to relax and get plenty of rest while working on their addiction and co-occurring disorders. We offer our clients single and double residential rooms.

Common Areas to Socialize & Relax

While clients participate in a full schedule of therapy sessions and groups according to their customized treatment plans, there comes a time in the day when everyone can benefit by taking a break. When it’s time to relax between scheduled classes, Laguna Treatment Hospital features comfortable living areas where clients can gather, talk, watch television, read, or write in their journals.

Housekeeping Services

Addiction treatment takes a great deal of client commitment, motivation for personal change, and personal strength. During this period as clients struggle to break free from a life-threatening disease and address their mental health issues, making beds and cleaning toilets are hardly a top priority. To help clients keep their focus on recovery, we are happy to offer housekeeping services for our clients in the residential and common areas.

Healthy Meals

When arriving at Laguna Treatment Hospital for treatment, clients may be underweight and malnourished following active drug use and years of heavy, chronic drug or alcohol use. Forgetting to eat or using food money to buy the drug of choice is not uncommon in the midst of heavy drug use.

Healthy meals can be delicious and very helpful in recovery. The process of healing from the disease of addiction includes not only ridding the body of harmful drugs but also replenishing and restoring the client’s body to a healthy weight. As clients will learn through the curriculum, their brain chemistry has been altered by the addictive substance, and replenishing healthy neural communications system can be enhanced by nutritious food. In a welcoming dining room environment, our food services staff provides recovering clients with chef-prepared meals and dining options that are delicious, balanced, and appealing to many individual tastes.

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