Families: What to Know

We’ve created an orientation video for Laguna to introduce you to the the details of how your loved one will check in and what they will experience.


What Will My Loved One Be Doing?

patient entering detox is meeting with behavioral health technician to determine the best treatment plan

Addiction rehab at Laguna Treatment Hospital begins with detox, during which your loved one will be monitored 24/7 by our professional nursing staff. The detox period typically lasts 5 to 7 days, and medications may be prescribed to help your loved one taper off their substance of addiction and to keep them comfortable during withdrawal.

Following the medically intensive detoxification stage, patients continue their addiction treatment with an intensive schedule of individual and group therapies. Every patient undergoes a psychiatric evaluation within 48 hours of admission, so our staff can formulate the best treatment plan for your loved one’s individual needs.

Meals are served three times a day. Each day typically begins at 7 am with breakfast.

From 9 am to noon, and 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, your loved one will participate in various individual and group therapies. Evenings consist of 12-step meetings and reflection.

Your loved one will also be spending time with the treatment team creating an aftercare plan for when they return home.

Can I Talk to My Loved One?

The compassionate staff at Laguna Treatment Hospital understand that staying in touch with supportive family members can be an important component of success in recovery, and we work with our patients to facilitate communications as often as they are comfortable with.

Upon admission, patients will be required to temporarily check in their cell phones and electronics for the duration of detox, or for the first 72 hours of inpatient treatment if they don’t go through detox. After this blackout period, they’ll be able to use their electronics outside of program hours, per our cell phone and electronics policy.

Laguna’s clinical team also provides status updates on patients to trusted family members within 24 hours of admission if given consent to do so by the patient. Family members looking to contact their loved ones may contact the staff at Laguna directly.

If an ROI (release of information) is on file, staff may communicate. Otherwise, patient information is confidential to protect their privacy.

What Is My Role?

Family therapy is available if the patient and family members both agree. If your loved one is interested in connecting with you or other family members during treatment, they may facilitate a Skype or telephone meeting through their therapist.

Additionally, we recommend taking steps on your own as your loved one is in treatment. Our team can help you find Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, and other family support groups in your area. 

Can I Visit Laguna Treatment Hospital?

No. Due to certain Covid-19 and other restrictions, we cannot accommodate family or other guest visitors at this time.

Can I Bring Gifts or Items to My Loved One?

No, at this time, due to Covid-19 and other restrictions, patients cannot accept gifts or packages, and we cannot accommodate any visitors.