The Laguna Rehab Alumni Program

Recovery is a life-long endeavor. After treatment ends, people with substance use disorder often need continued support.1

A supportive network of sober peers and mentors can greatly improve treatment outcomes,2 which is why the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) maintains that “community” is one of the .3

As a Laguna alumni, you are part of a community of individuals with a common goal of recovery. The recovery journey will be filled with both opportunities and challenges, and the Laguna alumni team is here to support you on your path.

Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere (CARE)

The Community of Alumni Recovering Everywhere (CARE) program enables former patients to remain connected to their peers in recovery, share important milestones, receive helpful information about aftercare and relapse prevention, and more. The CARE community is a supportive group that is fully committed to supporting you through the ups and downs of your recovery journey.

Each patient at Laguna meets with a coordinator to facilitate entry into this rehab alumni program, the features of which include:

  • Access to the CARE app.
  • Invitations to alumni events.
  • Access to weekly alumni Zoom meetings.

Our Alumni App: Your Recovery Connection

The CARE app—available to all Laguna rehab alumni—is equipped with many features that enable former patients to:

  • Connect with peers in the supportive alumni community.
  • Receive support from peer engagement specialists.
  • Track their recovery progress.
  • Keep a gratitude journal.
  • Participate in wellness challenges.
  • Read recovery-related content.

Alumni Meetings & Speakers

Laguna hosts periodical events and weekly meetings that are a great way for people in recovery to maintain connections and focus on their sobriety. Details are provided in the sections below.

Weekly Virtual AAC Global Alumni Meetings

Weekly meetings can be invaluable for people in recovery.2 American Addiction Centers (AAC)—the company that operates Laguna Treatment Center—hosts a weekly Zoom meeting open to any AAC alumni.

Alumni Speaker Events

Laguna periodically hosts alumni speakers at the facility, relaying their experiences in recovery and offering insight.

Being a speaker is a compelling and rewarding experience. If you wish to speak at one of these events, please reach out to

Alumni Events & Outings

Addiction treatment and recovery is hard work. But it’s not always so serious. In fact, it can also be fun! Quarterly events for Laguna rehab alumni include:

  • Alumni bowling.
  • Holiday-themed events, like fall trips to the pumpkin patch or a haunted house.
  • Baseball games.
  • And more!

Check the events page for more info on upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Laguna Alumni 1st Annual Holiday Party

Ho ho ho! Join us for our 1st Annual Holiday Bash on Dec 9. Snap some pics with Santa and make merry memories to last through the year!

24552 Pacific Park Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Fri, Dec 8, 2023 at 7:00 PM

RSVP to Eventbrite by clicking here or scanning the QR below

2023 LTH Holiday Party RSVP

Hear from Laguna Alumni

How Alumni Programs Benefit You

Research shows that a supportive network is integral to lasting recovery. Social support not only helps one stay in recovery but provides a safety net in the event someone does relapse.2 Other aftercare benefits include reduced cravings and increased self-efficacy (the belief that one can control their behavior, motivation, and social environment).4

Sometimes in recovery, friendships and relationships from the past need to be let go. But sobriety doesn’t have to be lonely, and the support of people with shared experiences can prove invaluable when times get hard.

At Laguna, it’s important to us that our patients are taken care of both during and after treatment. From the moment you enroll to long after you finish treatment, you’ll have our support.

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