Getting to Laguna Treatment Hospital

Laguna Treatment Hospital is conveniently located just 20 minutes from John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Orange County.* Other nearby airports include:

  • Los Angeles International (LAX).
  • San Diego International (SAN).

Your time at Laguna begins the moment you land. One of our caring case managers will pick you up at baggage claim and drive you to our facility in Aliso Viejo, answering your questions and preparing you for the admissions process along the way.

Local Southern California patients receive the same level of hands-on care. We will pick you up directly from your door and transport you to the facility where you’ll begin the admissions process and start your rehabilitation.

*Travel arrange to and from the facility are your responsibility. We do not book flights at the facility.

Laguna Orientation

Your First 24 Hours

The admissions process at Laguna Treatment Hospital is peaceful and quick, usually lasting about an hour. The admissions process includes an evaluation by our admissions nurse. We will:

  • Take blood and urine samples to establish a baseline understanding of your drug and/or alcohol abuse.
  • Take your vitals to determine if you have any immediate health issues that must be addressed.

Patients experiencing acute withdrawal will be seen immediately by our nursing staff, who will assess their condition and administer any necessary medications. All patients are evaluated personally by our medical director within 24 hours of arrival.

Once patients are stable, they are taken to the residential floor and shown to their room. Your first day will include plenty of time to tour the facility, meet your medical team, and rest.

Should you need medical detox, that will be your first step in your treatment. When you begin detox at Laguna, you will be cared for in one of our beds equipped with EarlySense patient-monitoring technology. EarlySense monitors patients during the critical detoxification process, sending real-time information to our nurses for immediate response during crisis. This includes the technology to measure respiration and heart rate.

What to Bring with You

The length of patient stay at Laguna Treatment Hospital is variable and may depend on insurance coverage, medical necessity, the individual patient’s progression in treatment, and other factors. Limit belongings to enough clothing for a week. We have washers and dryers at the facility for you to use. Be sure to bring a swimsuit to enjoy our on-site pool.

All of Laguna’s hotel-style rooms are fully furnished, but we welcome you to bring the following items if you choose:

  • Your own linens.
  • A cozy blanket.
  • Memorabilia from home.
  • Anything that will make you feel more at ease during your stay.

Toiletries will also be provided at the facility, but you can choose to bring your own toiletries if you prefer. All shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body washes must be sealed new and unopened. These items are also available at the facility for purchase.

Cash and credit cards may be used during your stay to purchase additional toiletries, clothing, or other items as needed. Keep cash on-hand to under $100. Patients can sign up for a Trulink card if they wish to receive funds from a loved one.

We do allow tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and vapes, as long as they are all unopened when brought to the facility. There are outdoor smoking patios and non-smoking patios for you can access on each of the two floors. Patios are locked after 11pm and open at 7am.

Cellphones are allowed in designated areas but will be locked in charging stations for the first 3 days while all your initial meetings with providers are completed. They will be available for your use outside of group therapy times. We encourage you to print a list of important phone numbers to bring with you to the facility so that you may place phone calls from our provided office phones.

What NOT to Bring

Drug paraphernalia, contraband, alcohol of any kind, and weapons (including pocket knives) are strictly prohibited.

All patients will be searched as part of the admissions process, and residential rooms are searched regularly. The grounds at Laguna are monitored by our resident drug-sniffing K-9, Jack. 

No outside food or beverage items are permitted into facilities. All meals are provided at the facility. Healthy snacks are provided and more snacks and beverages are available for purchase.

For your safety, please do NOT bring your own vape, as we don’t know what substances might be in the vape and it may impact your treatment course. Vape juice is available for purchase at the facility.

Please do not bring any large electronics such as TVs. There are 2 large screen televisions on each floor for you to watch television as well as available games on the patios. Private rooms have televisions for an additional cost.

A Typical Day in Treatment

Not every day in treatment will be the same; however, you can expect regular structure as you go through the program. A typical schedule is below:

  • 7 am: Breakfast, followed by yoga.
  • 8:30 am: Town hall patient meeting.
  • 9:00 am: Gender-specific recovery group meetings, with 10-minute breaks once per hour.
  • Noon: Lunch, medications, and vital signs taken at the nurse’s station.
  • 1:30 pm: Individual therapy sessions, specialty groups, and physical activity, with 10-minute breaks once per hour.
  • 5:00 pm: Dinner, medications, and vital signs.
  • 6:30 pm: Personal time.
  • 7:00 pm: 12-step meetings.
  • 8:00 pm: Guided meditation.
  • 9:00 pm: Reflection on the day and go over next day’s assignments.
  • 11:00 pm: Lights out.