Top Reasons to Choose Laguna Treatment Hospital

Laguna Treatment Hospital, situated in beautiful Orange County, CA, is a serene and beautiful place to begin the most important journey of your life: the journey to recovery.

Our Admissions Process

Luxurious Feel Combined with Top-Notch Amenities

Premier Location in Orange County California

Laguna Treatment Hospital is a serene and beautiful place to begin the most important journey of your life: the journey to recovery. Located in desirable Orange County, we are surrounded by palm trees and glowing sunsets. We are a short 15-minute drive to pristine Laguna Beach and gorgeous tide pools.

Ultimate Comfort with Hotel-Style Accommodations

You’ll feel at home at Laguna Treatment Hospital with features including a warm and welcoming lobby, common areas with outdoor air patios, full-sized, and upgraded queen size beds. You’ll have the option to upgrade to a private room with a mini-fridge, microwave, Keurig machine, and big-screen television.

Outstanding Care from Supportive Staff

Expert Medical Staff

Our team of expert medical staff have decades of experience. Our team has a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to service to every guest in their care.

Supportive Recovery Experience

Laguna’s compassionate and friendly staff understand your struggle. Over 40% of our direct care team members have personal experience with addiction and recovery and empathize with the experience of our guests in treatment.

More Than a Hospital

Features that You Won’t Find Elsewhere

While our medical program provides hospital-level care, our program’s features go way beyond what you’d find in your average hospital facility. Guests have access to an on-site pool, computers, Wi-Fi, basketball court, ping-pong tables, and fitness area.

Outstanding, Chef-Prepared Cuisine

Addiction to drugs and alcohol’s numerous health consequences often include poor eating habits and malnutrition. Our Executive Chef prepares nutritious, mouth-watering meals that will address nutritional deficits while tasting great. You’ll have a delicious food selection prepared for every meal, which will include a salad bar in the café. Meals can be tailored to a variety of dietary needs, and we make plenty of snacks available.

Treatment You Can Choose with Confidence

Trustworthy, Accredited Program

Uniquely licensed as a Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital and accredited by the Joint Commission, we we support your recovery with highly trained staff, medically monitored treatment technology, and 24-hour nursing care.

Unwavering Commitment to Privacy and Professionalism

Your privacy is our top priority. All staff are trained in keeping your treatment experience confidential and respected, and you can trust that our staff to be compliant and professional 100% of the time. We comply with the strictest HIPAA laws. Even family members will not receive information about your treatment without your express permission. You’ll never have to worry about your privacy when you come to Laguna Treatment Hospital to recover.


Our patients make our program what it is. We wouldn’t have the quality program we do without the investment of our patients and their families. More than 60% of American Addiction Centers’ alumni report being abstinent from all substances at 12 months post-treatment, and this reflects the commitment of our patients and alumni to their recovery. Many of our alumni even come back to work for us! It is a joint effort to make our program as successful as it is, and we invite you to come work with us to put addiction behind you.

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