Drug Effects Calculator

The Drug Effects Calculator tool provides an estimated length of time it might take for many of the acute, intoxicating drug effects to resolve or wear off—in other words, how long it might take for someone using a particular drug to sober up.

Getting sober is only one step in the recovery process. In many cases, detoxing from a particular substance can be very painful and dangerous. We do not recommend attempting to detox on your own without the help of qualified medical support.

Additionally, please be aware that even after drugs metabolize out of the body, a person can still have cravings and triggers that create the impulse to use again. A professional drug treatment program like ours can help you or your loved one learn to cope with these factors. Please call us to get help anytime at .

To use the tool, simply input the corresponding information below to calculate an estimated time for many of the acute symptoms of substance use to resolve.


Please fill out the calculator to see your results.

The Drug Effects calculator is meant for educational purposes only. The Drug Effects calculator and information generated from it is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or healthcare provider and should not be relied upon for informing healthcare decisions. The Drug Effects calculator and information generated from using the tool does not constitute legal advice. Please consult your healthcare provider for advice about a specific medical condition and legal counsel for any legal questions. Calculating drug effects duration based on substance half-life calculations will not be 100% accurate due to the numerous factors and complexities relating to drug consumption by different individuals—including differences in precise drug composition, purity/potency, and routes of administration used—as well as variables impacting a substance’s distribution and clearance. Half-life, as a predictor of the duration of drug effects, is limited. The Drug Effects calculator instead provides a rough estimation of the duration of pharmacologic effects based on known inputs.
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