Chronic Relapse Treatment Track

Learn about specialized drug and alcohol treatment for people that have been through treatment before and relapsed.
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Customized Care for People at a High-Risk of Relapse

Laguna Treatment Hospital has developed a specialty track to address and prevent chronic relapse using effective long-term treatment.

Treatment for People Who Have Relapsed

Relapse does not mean failure. It may simply mean that treatment needs to be adjusted, new approaches need to be applied, or steps need to be repeated. Many people achieve lasting recovery after multiple admissions to drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

Having been through treatment before, you’ve already built some of the skills needed to remain in recovery. Laguna Treatment Center’s Chronic Relapse Specialty Program provides the opportunity for further self-development and healing on your path to recovery.

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Chronic Relapse Treatment

Rehab group therapy

Chronic Relapse Program Overview

Program Details

The Chronic Relapse Track at Laguna Treatment Center is led by masters-level clinician, Karly Rubly, who has years of experience leading several specialized addiction treatment programs.

Her focus is identifying, exploring, and recovering from patterns that have led to recurring relapse. As a part of that discovery, she’ll work with each patient to conduct a thorough relapse autopsy to understand past relapses. This information will be used to outline a fresh, individualized treatment approach.

How Do I Get Admitted?

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