Benefits of Going to Treatment in California

Going to treatment can be a scary step to take. Regardless of which state the treatment center is located in. Regardless of whether an individual has relapsed and is returning to treatment or if it’s someone’s very first time. But the consequences of what drug and alcohol abuse can do are equally as scary and can even be dangerous.

Laguna Treatment Hospital, an American Addiction Centers’ facility, provides compassionate care. Located in the state of California, it offers a great environment to get away and truly focus on getting sober.

There are obvious benefits to going to treatment in a state like California. The moderate weather. The beautiful beaches. The many tourist attractions. And even though you may have to get cleared by your physician to be able to venture outside of the treatment facility, the opportunity to attend treatment in such a welcoming and relaxing location is worth the efforts.

And there are many sights to see and activities to experience. Attractions near the Laguna Treatment Hospital include, but is not limited to:

  • Crystal Cove State Park.
  • Pacific Marine Mammal Center.
  • Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking Trail.
  • Table Rock Beach.
  • 1000 Steps Beach.

And Laguna Treatment Hospital itself is full of wonderful amenities and features. Residential treatment is integrated with the detox hospital. Nutritious meals and recreational activities are even provided, allowing individuals to connect with others in a healthy and productive way.

Features include:

  • Medication-assisted therapy (MAT). This helps individuals to feel comfortable during the detox process.
  • Maintenance medications. Some individuals need to be provided with other medications (e.g., suboxone) for the duration of their treatment.
  • Translation services. There are languages available during business hours (other than English), which include Russian, Bengali, Arabic, and Chaldean. Spanish is available 24/7.

Levels of care offered include:

  • Medical detox.
  • Residential services.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation.
  • Aftercare planning (including an alumni network).

Laguna is even the first licensed Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital (CDRH) in Orange County, and is accredited with the Joint Commission, exemplifying its commitment to patient safety in health care and quality improvement. How many facilities can say that?

It may never feel easy to make a decision about which treatment center to choose. The decision can feel overwhelming. And fear can take over and paint mental pictures that may not even be reflective of reality.

The best option is to find out more information about facilities and the surrounding area, like Laguna and California. Ask questions. Speak to the admissions navigators. The more you know, the more comfortable you will be with making the right decision that works best for you, or your loved one. Knowledge eliminates a lot of the fear and helps individuals to make productive and sound decisions that benefit everyone.

Laguna Treatment Hospital offers the care you need in the welcoming state of California. Don’t let fear stop you from living a healthy, productive and sober life.

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