They Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers – Not!

What started out as a local story quickly escalated to the national scene, perhaps even international. From a southern California locale, the news spread like the wildfires that have created havoc in the state. Only this time, the subject is not the stuff of natural science…or is it?

Here’s what happened…

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) observed what turned out to be a noteworthy shipment at the Otay Mesa cargo facility near San Diego. According to a press release issued by the agency, on August 15, 2019, a tractor pulling a trailer arrived at this port of entry; it listed its contents as jalapeño peppers. An officer at a checkpoint diverted the vehicle to a holding area, where it attracted the interest of a team of trained sniffing canines. CPB agents followed up on this lead and inspected the pallet. When they did, they discovered a leafy-green substance that tested positive. For what? Marijuana… but check out the details.2.3 million dollars worth of marijuana found in search of cargo shipment instead of  peppers it was listed as containing

It wasn’t a humdrum, ho-hum amount of marijuana or drug bust. Tucked into the shipment of hot peppers, CBP discovered 314 wrapped bundles of marijuana. Those packages weighed 7,560 pounds in all. The agency proceeded to seize the trailer and the cargo.

VICE News elaborated upon this incident. The almost four tons of marijuana was “not-so-subtly hidden in a shipment of jalapeños.” And in its account, this news source gave the estimated dollar amount of the product. That value is $2.3 million.

The Week that Was

That week turned out to be active in the area for drugs tucked in cargo holds and other transit schemes. Only two days earlier at the same facility, agents uncovered 10,642 pounds of marijuana in a shipment of plastic auto parts. That find also was worth several million dollars. Still during the same week, the Coast Guard reeled in 1,300 pounds of marijuana in trash bags floating in the waters off California. And a month earlier, a Coast Guard officer leaped onto a submarine while it was moving; that vessel was being used to smuggle 17,000 pounds of cocaine.

These have been busy times for authorities engaged in such pursuits. The CPB advises that ports of entry are popular targets for transporting drugs. In fact, its statistics show that many drug busts occur at those locations. For that reason, agents routinely stop and search vehicles carrying freight, notably those with agricultural produce; it’s a tactic of choice for drug smugglers. Cato Institute offers supporting evidence. It notes that in 2018, inspectors at ports seized eight times more cocaine and 36 times more heroin than CPB agents posted at borders.

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