Breaking a Sweat While Staying Sober

Exercise is a healthy habit to incorporate anytime into your routine. But what if you are looking for a supportive sober workout group? No Sweat. “The Phoenix” is a sober community committed to helping people stay healthy, and like the mythical creature “rise above the ashes” of addiction.

For more than 15 years the group has hosted sober activities and events across the country. Plus, it may be the cheapest workout class you ever pay for, the price to join is only 48 hours of sobriety. You can participate in person, virtually, or stream classes.

Since summer is still in full swing, there are a lot of outdoor activities to choose from. In the Orange County area, upcoming classes include pickleball, beach relays, and CrossFit workouts. Classes reach far beyond California and are currently run in 36 states, ranging from yoga to mountain biking, meditation, and dance. Since its inception, more than 100,000 people, of all athletic abilities, have joined the movement led by peers in recovery. According to the organization, 87% of its members reported being sober after 90 days.

Sober Planning

Staying sober can be challenging. It’s important to have resources besides just a workout regimen to help as you learn to cope with triggers, stress, and cravings. These may include:

  • Committing to 12-step and/or other recovery meetings.
  • Reaching out to a sponsor and other members of your sober support system.
  • Attending individual and group counseling sessions.

Once you feel more secure in your sobriety, you can also begin to give back to others who are newly sober.

Understanding Relapse

Although it is important to prevent relapse, it’s also important to recognize that relapse does not mean you have failed in recovery. Relapse is very common. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that drug relapse occurs in 40-60 percent of individuals. However, if you experience a relapse you can always get help from your sponsor or support network.  An inpatient treatment program may be the best option to get you back on track.

Orange County Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

If you or a loved one is struggling with relapse or addiction and looking for rehab in Orange County, our Laguna Treatment Center can help kickstart your recovery. Laguna is the first addiction treatment center in Orange County to be licensed as a chemical dependency recovery hospital. By providing a fully integrated hospital-based detox and residential inpatient treatment program all at our Southern California treatment facility, patients are assured of a safe, comfortable experience in a soothing environment.


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