Introducing “Laguna Treatment Center”

We’re changing our name! For years you’ve known us as Laguna Treatment Hospital, a trusted community provider of hospital-based detox and intensive rehab for drug addiction and co-occurring disorders. Starting today, our facility name will now be Laguna Treatment Center.

Our name change is in line with our ability to accept a wide population of those who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders. The change from “Hospital” to “Center” reflects the fact that while we can provide hospital-level care, we also provide residential rehab and do not require that patients who come to us require hospital-based services. It is our hope that our name change will encourage all patients who struggle with addiction at any level of severity to come to us to turn their lives around.

While we are changing our facility name, we want to make one thing clear: nothing else is changing. We are still licensed to provide hospital-based detox and will continue providing the same level of quality detox and rehab treatment we have become known for.

The goal behind the name change is to eliminate any confusion for patients and families about whether our treatment center is an option for them. We also hope that those who would typically shy away from going to a “hospital” will understand that our center is a rehabilitation facility, just with services that put us one notch above the rest.

If you have any questions about Laguna Treatment Center (formerly Laguna Treatment Hospital) and the treatment we provide, please check out our programs chart. Here, you can view every type of treatment program, therapy, group class, and more offered at our center.

You can also learn more by visiting our About Us page, viewing our accreditations, or calling us at now.

We will continue to be the premier rehab facility in Orange County. That won’t change—only our name.

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