Prestigious CDRH Licensure Achieved at Laguna Treatment Hospital

After much hard work by both dedicated staff and leadership, we are pleased to announce that Laguna Treatment Hospital, an American Addiction Centers facility, is now an official Chemical Dependency Recovery Hospital (CDRH).

As defined by the state of California,  “Chemical dependency recovery hospital” means a health facility that provides 24-hour inpatient care for persons who have a dependency on alcohol or other drugs, or both alcohol and other drugs…It is the intent of the Legislature that the chemical dependency recovery hospital will provide an innovative inpatient treatment program for persons who have a dependency on alcohol or drugs, or both alcohol and other drugs.” 

New Licensure, Proven Treatment

So, what does this mean for the clients, loved ones and team at Laguna Treatment Hospital? CEO Bob Hails, COO Marlon Rollins, and VP of Clinical Services Dan Valentine joined forces to help shed some light on this incredible achievement at Laguna.

The CDRH licensure, unique only to the state of California, is one of the most robust licensures attainable by a treatment facility, second only to a medical licensure. Granted by the California Department of Public Health, a CDRH licensure means that Laguna Treatment Hospital is now recognized for being able to treat and provide care for clients at the highest level of acuity. Known as the “Rehab Riviera”, Orange County is home to hundreds of residential care providers. However, Laguna Treatment Hospital is the only CDRH in Orange County, and 1 of 7 total care providers to achieve this licensure in all of the state of California.

While other facilities may only be able to provide care on a surface level, Laguna’s higher standard of care allows them to treat for co-morbidities, and to provide care to clients who come suffering from the usage of multiple substance. This attentiveness allows the team at Laguna to be able to say “Yes” to more clients, based on their levels of necessity, when all other resources have had to say “No”.

Laguna’s Quality Care

The care at Laguna Treatment Hospital doesn’t just stop at detox. As both a CDRH and a Joint Commission accredited facility, Laguna is able to offer 4 distinct levels of care – Detox, Residential and 2 additional levels of structured and interdisciplinary outpatient care. At Laguna, clients are able to truly step down from their substance abuse and reclaim life again in a safe and secure environment, providing a real-life ability to test their response to each new milestone.

Laguna Treatment Hospital is committed to addressing “whole person healing”, through committed partnerships with trusted providers. The leadership is dedicated to crafting a well-rounded support system for every Laguna client. Clients have access to therapy groups – individual, group and offsite. They receive the highest care from 24/7 medical staff – trained with clinical level competency to recognize the unique needs of the recovery patient, including an MD Psychiatrist on site 7 days a week – unprecedented in this industry.laguna treatment hospital admissions desk is the first step to getting quality care

Laguna also maintains a highly regulated environment of care. Ensuring the safety of both patient and team members is paramount to the leadership. Team Members undergo critical training, monitored by a robust quality audit system. Extensive possession searches are completed upon admission to the facility, with K-9 searches completed on regular basis to ensure compliance of all in partnership for healing there.

Starting Treatment

As a part of the American Addictions Centers, Laguna Treatment Hospital maintains success rates in the 60% range – a stark contrast to the nationwide success rate of 20-30% in other facilities. If you are looking for the best care, the best support, the best supervision for your loved one struggling with addiction, you can place them in no better hands that the team at Laguna Treatment Hospital, a CDRH licensed leader in recovery care.



California Code, Health and Safety Code – HSC § 1250.3


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