Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program in Orange County

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Alcohol addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects more than 28 million people in the United States.1,2 Located near San Diego and Los Angeles, Laguna Treatment Hospital in Orange County, CA, offers evidence-based treatment for alcohol addiction, also known as an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Most people with alcohol addiction (no matter how severe) benefit from some form of professional treatment.3 This page will explore treatment options for alcoholism and how to get admitted into alcohol rehab.

About Our Alcohol Rehab Program at Laguna

An illustration of our drug and alcohol treatment facility.


Laguna Treatment Hospital is an addiction treatment facility that specializes in safe drug and alcohol detox and addiction rehabilitation. Our programs incorporate a range of therapies and personalized treatments to meet the individual needs of each patient.

At Laguna, we offer the following types of treatment for alcohol addiction:

Whether someone enters at the detox or residential treatment level, each patient is continuously monitored by medical professionals and treatment staff to provide the best care as their addiction treatment needs evolve.

In addition, our facility also provides thorough aftercare planning and has a robust alumni network, so that your support doesn’t end when your program does. Laguna Treatment Hospital also has sister facilities across the U.S. that offer outpatient programs for those wishing to step-down to a less intensive form of treatment after detox or residential rehab.

What Are the Goals of Alcohol Rehab at Laguna?

 The primary goal of rehab for alcohol addiction at Laguna Treatment Hospital is to provide each patient with the skills and tools needed to sustain long-term sobriety. Our exceptional, industry-accredited programming helps patients:1

  • Replace drinking with other healthier and more rewarding activities.
  • Improve problem-solving abilities.
  • Increase their motivation for positive change.
  • Build relapse prevention skills.
  • Form healthy and strong interpersonal relationships.

Laguna’s alcohol rehab program also aims to identify and address other medical and psychological issues experienced by many people with alcohol use disorders, including co-occurring mental health conditions. Common mental health disorders that can co-occur with alcohol addiction include:

Research shows that integrated treatment of mental health and substance use disorders is more effective than treating these issues separately.4 At our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab facility, we assess each patient during the admissions process for any co-occurring disorders that should be treated alongside their alcohol addiction and make a plan for comprehensive treatment.

Who Should Consider Attending Alcohol Rehab?

patient learning about the signs of alcoholism and treatment options

A person should consider attending rehab if they have lost the ability to control their alcohol use. Understanding the signs of an alcohol use disorder can help you determine if you or a loved one could benefit from treatment:5

  • Trying, without success, to limit the amount of a substance used or quit using a substance altogether.
  • Expending a great deal of time seeking out, using, or recovering from a substance.
  • Falling behind or missing obligations in school, work, or home life due to drug misuse.

View more signs of an alcohol use disorder.

If you believe you or a loved one might have an alcohol use disorder and want to learn more about treatment, call us at to talk to an admissions navigator who can provide more information about Laguna’s programs.

Untreated alcohol addiction can lead to significant problems. Repeated consumption of large amounts of alcohol can affect almost every organ in the body and impact a person’s ability to function at home, work, school, and elsewhere.5

How Alcohol Addiction Treatment Increases Your Chances of Lasting Recovery

 Specialized alcohol addiction treatment teaches people with alcohol use disorders how to manage their addiction by providing the resources and support needed to maintain lasting recovery.

Not only does professional alcohol addiction treatment help patients safely detox from alcohol, but also equips patients with the valuable skills to:6

  • Recognize and cope with stressful situations and triggers.
  • Improve family functioning.
  • Create positive reinforcements for healthy behavior.

Alcohol addiction is considered a chronic disease. Although there is no “cure,” it can be successfully managed, and those with alcohol use disorders can live long, fulfilling lives in recovery.6

As part of the recovery process, some people may experience a relapse (returning to alcohol use after a period of not drinking). However, relapsing does not mean treatment has failed, but rather serves as an indication that treatment may need to be modified or resumed.6

What Medications Are Used During Alcohol Detox?

doctor monitors patient during addiction treatment

Medication can be a helpful tool in managing the acute symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, but the medications used may vary according to each patient’s needs.7 At Laguna, our medical team assesses each incoming patient to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

There is no set standard for everyone. Staff members administer or prescribe treatment medications on a case-by-case basis, and continually monitor each person as they progress through detox, adjusting their treatment plan accordingly.

As needed, some patients might use benzodiazepines during detox to manage certain symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and reduce the risk of potential medical complications.7

During detox at Laguna, we may also provide “comfort medications” to ease or manage a variety of symptoms. These medicines may include:

  • Anti-anxiety medications.
  • Anti-nausea medications.
  • Vitamins to support healing.
  • Pain-relieving medications.

If a patient’s needs call for the use of medication during or after detox, they will be evaluated by Laguna’s medical team each time it is administered.

How Long Do I Stay in Alcohol Detox at Laguna?

The length of time a person stays in alcohol detox at Laguna varies. The average length of stay is 7 to 10 days, but this can be longer or shorter depending on the severity of the addiction, medical history, and other factors. Following detox, many patients continue treatment in Laguna’s residential rehab program.

Continued treatment for alcohol use disorder can help patients better understand and address the issues underlying their addictions and develop skills that support long-term recovery.

At our Orange County inpatient rehab facility, we know that everyone recovers at their own pace, and we customize the length of treatment to meet each person’s individual needs. Treatment can range anywhere from a short-term rehab program or a 30-day rehab program to longer-term addiction treatment, like a 2–3 month-long rehab program.

What Types of Therapy Are Used in Alcohol Treatment at Laguna?

 No one single treatment is suitable for everyone. With this in mind, Laguna offers multiple evidence-based therapies including:1

Behavioral therapy is the cornerstone of most modern-day addiction treatment programs. It helps patients address the underlying thought patterns that drive compulsive drinking by teaching patients how to modify their behaviors and attitudes, handle stressful situations, and identify environmental cues that can trigger negative behavior.8

Patients at Laguna participate in a combination of individual and group therapy sessions, as well as mutual support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA).

How Often Do I See a Therapist or Doctor in Alcohol Rehab?

 The frequency of doctor visits varies based on each patient’s needs. On average, patients see a provider daily while in detox, and weekly or as needed in the residential treatment program. Each patient meets with a therapist during the intake process and follows up with them as needed.

How to Get Admitted to Alcohol Rehab

supporting family members, friends, and loved ones during treatment for substance abuse


At Laguna, the treatment admissions process for alcohol addiction rehab begins when you or your loved one connects with one of our admissions navigators at . Our staff can walk you through the rehab process with empathy and understanding.

When you call, our navigators will:

  • Get to know you to better understand your situation and needs.
  • Answer any questions you may have.
  • Go over our various payment options and help you determine the best way to pay for care.
  • Discuss different treatment options offered at our facility.
  • Help you arrange travel to Laguna Treatment Hospital.

How to Get a Loved One to Go to Alcohol Rehab

Starting the conversation about addiction treatment with a loved one can feel like a daunting task. However, your support can be vital in getting them the help they need.

Here are some tips for how to broach the subject with your loved one:9

  • Chose an appropriate time and private place to speak with your loved one.
  • Be direct in expressing your concern.
  • Acknowledge their feelings and listen openly—without judgment.
  • Reassure them that alcohol use disorders are treatable.
  • Offer to help them locate treatment services.
  • Be patient and remember that helping your loved one may take more than one conversation.

You are not alone, and there are many resources on how to help a loved one with addiction. For more information or to take the first step toward recovery, call us at today.

Will Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab in California?

Yes, most health insurers are required to provide coverage for mental health and addiction treatment services. However, the scope of coverage depends on each person’s specific health plan.10  Learn more about how to use your health insurance for rehab.

Laguna Treatment Hospital is in-network with many insurance companies including:

You can check your benefits by filling out this quick and confidential online form.

If you or a loved one does not have insurance or sufficient coverage, our admissions navigators can help you explore other ways to pay for rehab at our inpatient rehab facility in Orange County, CA. Reach out to Laguna’s caring team today at to learn more and start your recovery journey.

Your Path to Recovery at Laguna

When you're ready to get help, we're here to support you every step of the way. Beginning with hospital-based detox, our life-changing program will offer you a new way forward.
  • Admissions

    The admissions process at Laguna Treatment Hospital is a simple one. When you call one of our admissions navigators, they can walk you through important next steps and

  • Medical Detox

    At Laguna, you can rest assured that detox will be as safe and comfortable as possible. Our staff provides around-the-clock monitoring and support, while at the same time preparing you to transition to ongoing treatment.

  • Residential Treatment

    After detox, continued treatment helps develop the toolbox of skills you'll need to live in recovery. At Laguna, we set you up for success with evidence-based therapies, skills training, and aftercare planning.

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