Guide to Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Laguna Niguel, California

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Although addiction impacts both the addicted individual and their families and loved ones, it is not a life sentence. If you or a family member are struggling with substance abuse, there are many treatment options available. To help you and your loved one find the right path forward, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to drug and alcohol rehab specifically for those in Laguna Niguel, California.

Read it to learn more about addiction, rehabilitation, types of treatment, payment options, and available facilities in the region.

Are You Or Someone You Love Experiencing Addiction?

Identifying the signs of an addiction can help you or your loved one start working towards recovery. Addiction often manifests in very similar ways, including1:

  • Intense cravings. Characterized by an unusually strong desire to use the substance.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to quit. Although there may be the desire to reduce or control usage, there is a persistent inability to do so.
  • Overuse. The addictive substance is used either for longer than intended or in a greater quantity than intended, sometimes both.
  • Obsession. Significant time is spent trying to obtain the addictive substance, using it, and/or recovering from usage.
  • Interpersonal problems. Failure to meet social, professional, or personal obligations as a result of their addiction. This may include absences from work, neglect of household duties, etc.   
  • Disconnection. Abandonment of important social, professional, and recreational activities in favor of increased use.
  • Awareness of interpersonal harm. Usage of the substance continues, despite awareness of the harm it is causing both the person using it and their colleagues/loved ones. 
  • Building tolerance. Characterized by one of the following:
    • The need for increasing amounts of the substance to achieve the desired effect.
    • Diminishing returns on use of the substance.
  • Risk taking. Usage of the substance in hazardous situations or to the point that it causes physical harm.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. Failure to acquire the addictive substance results in physical and/or psychological symptoms. This varies by substance, but may include:
    • Emotional distress.
    • Dysphoria.
    • Nausea or vomiting.
    • Muscle aches.
    • Pupillary dilation.
    • Abnormal sweating.
    • Diarrhea.
    • Fatigue.
    • Insomnia.
    • Fever.
    • Chills.
    • Tremors.
    • Hallucinations.
    • Anxiety,
    • Seizures.

It’s important to understand that addiction can take many forms beyond drug abuse or alcoholism. Addictions may be purely behavioral, as well. Whether you or your loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder or a psychological addiction, know that you aren’t alone, and there are many available resources for the loved ones of addicted individuals.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery Centers Near Laguna Niguel, California

No matter how severe your addiction is or how hopeless you may feel, recovery is always possible. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol abuse or substance addiction, there are many different options in and around Laguna Niguel that you can turn to for help. For instance, there are over 370 residential recovery facilities in Orange County that are licensed and operated by the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS).

These treatment centers are overseen by the Substance Use Disorder Compliance Licensing Branch division of DHCS, which is responsible for ensuring that all program participants are provided with a safe, healthy environment.

Laguna Treatment Hospital is another option for treatment. We offer substance abuse programs that offer the highest standards of care, and our facility provides research-based clinical and support addiction treatment services alongside amenities that include a gym/fitness center, a pool, mindfulness spaces, and nutritionally-balanced meals. Our professional, caring, and experienced clinicians have already helped more than 1,000 people recover from addiction, providing them with a solid foundation upon which they can build a fulfilling life of sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Types Available At California Rehab Facilities

There are many different treatment options available for someone struggling with addiction, and what works for one person may not work for another. The best bet for patients is to discuss their potential treatment plan with their physician, family, and friends. Options include:

  • Medical detox. Often an important first step on the road to recovery, a detox program overseen by licensed professionals helps a patient through the difficult process of getting any addictive substances out of their systems.
  • Inpatient substance abuse treatment provides 24/7 medical care and therapeutic support in a treatment facility. Typically recommended for chronic addiction or patients that suffer from mental health issues alongside addiction.
  • Partial hospitalization programs include some structured care at a facility but allow the patient to continue living at home.
  • Outpatient rehab is intended for those that do not suffer from chronic addiction, as well as patients who have completed inpatient treatment. Outpatient rehab allows one to work on their recovery while continuing to live at home.

Typically, a treatment plan will feature one or more of these options, in addition to aftercare, usually via support groups.

Therapy Services for Addiction Treatment Near Laguna Niguel

The rehabilitation facilities in Laguna Niguel offer a range of potential treatment options and therapies for anyone struggling with addiction. As already mentioned, everyone’s situation is different, and everyone has different needs in terms of treatment. Our own treatment services, listed below, are chosen based on an intake assessment that determines a patient’s history, the frequency, duration, and consequences of their substance abuse; and co-occurring health disorders.

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Family Support and Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Recovery Groups

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Drug & Alcohol Treatment?

Treatment costs for addiction tend to vary based on the type of treatment you receive. You may be able to rely on your health insurance to cover your treatment, but this largely depends on your provider. Private insurance is also not your only payment option for addiction treatment,

State-funded insurance such as Medicaid/Medicare may offer partial coverage, and there are also several nonprofit organizations that provide patients with reasonable payment plans.

Laguna Treatment Hospital accepts most types of private insurance, including:

  • BlueCross.
  • Blueshield.
  • Aetna.
  • AmBetter.
  • Blue California, Cigna.
  • Humana.
  • California Health & Wellness, and UnitedHealthcare.

Verify Your Insurance for Rehab Treatment

You can complete the form below to learn if addiction treatment services are covered by your insurance benefits.

Orange County Drug and Alcohol Addiction Information

To better understand the impact of addiction on the community of Laguna Niguel — and thereby better understand how to treat it — we must first understand how addiction impacts Orange County as a whole. This will also help garner an understanding of the substances to which one might be exposed.

Illegal Drug Use & Drug Overdose Deaths in Orange County

Drug abuse, particularly involving opioids, remains an ongoing problem both in Orange County and the nation at large.

Unsurprisingly, drug abuse experienced a sharp upturn in 2020 and 2021, likely due to the extreme mental stress of the coronavirus pandemic.

Alcohol Use & Alcohol-Related Driving Deaths in Orange County

At 19%9, Orange County’s rate of alcohol abuse may not be the highest in the state, but neither is it the lowest. Alcohol was responsible for 30% of total driving deaths from 2015-201910.  As with drug abuse, alcohol consumption also increased as a result of COVID-19.

Drug and Alcohol Resources by California County

At Laguna Treatment Hospital, we have one objective above all else—to help patients recover from addiction and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Even if you do not attend our treatment center, you can still find help elsewhere. Below, you can see a list of additional treatment resources by county:



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