Addiction Rehab Near Hollywood, California

Many people in Hollywood and Los Angeles County are struggling with a substance use disorder, and the death rates associated with drugs and alcohol continue to rise.1 If you or someone you love is struggling with a substance use disorder, don’t lose hope. The challenge of finding addiction treatment in Hollywood might seem overwhelming, but with our help, we can help you or your loved one obtain life-saving treatment.

This page will provide you with information regarding therapy services, various treatment options, potential costs associated with treatment, and resources right here in the Hollywood area.

Addiction Treatment Services Near Hollywood, CA
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Addiction Treatment Services Near Hollywood, CA

You’ll find a wide variety of addiction therapy services offered at rehab facilities in the Hollywood area. A trained and qualified clinician can determine the best solution for each patient.

The process typically begins with an assessment of the patient’s general health history, physical assessment, mental status, patterns of substance abuse, and history of substance abuse. This information is paired with their treatment history, employment history, education history, and legal and family history, and is then utilized to develop the optimal treatment solution for each specific patient.

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Addiction Self-Assessment

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Hollywood, CA Substance Misuse Statistics
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Hollywood, CA Substance Misuse Statistics

Substance misuse and its consequences are on the rise in the United States, and Hollywood and the whole of Los Angeles County are no different. From 2019-2022, the leading cause of death in Los Angeles county for the first six months of each year was unintentional overdose.1 Between 2019 and 2021, there was more than two-fold increase in death rates associated with overdose for 18-29 year olds.1 Unfortunately, substance misuse and related deaths, injuries, and hospitalizations remain on the rise in L.A. County.

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